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Tremendous Cost Savings

United World Logistics substantially saves you money by providing clients with the opportunity to expand into the U.S. market with zero investment; which allows client growth without any infrastructure issues.


Marketplace Experience & Business Consulting

Clients benefit from United World Logistics' experienced knowledge on how to successfully sell flooring products in the U.S. Marketplace. Clients also gain full access to United World Logistics' existing, secure relationships from retail and shipping to sales representative groups & distribution relationships; which will provide clients with the lowest available shipping costs. In addition, United World's extensive regulatory knowledge knowledge for customers, interstates, licensing & shipping restrictions keep clients products effectively moving to it destinations without issues or costly delays.


Flooring Warehouse Expertise

UWL "flooring conversion" expertise effectively handles and breaks down shipments from large quantities to smaller quantities for redistribution to any customer site. United World's warehousing professionals are extensively experienced and educated one all types of receivables.